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5 Benefits of Early Morning Workouts!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Article by: Dietriffic, One Health. One Life. Your Choice.

Do you keep putting off your workouts?

It’s a struggle at times, I know!

What we need to do is put some firm habits into action. Getting a regular routine going, with workouts taking place at the same time of the day is essential.

People who do that tend to stick with it much longer than those who adopt a more sporadic approach.

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Obesity Trends

Monday, October 29th, 2007

It’s been nearly twenty years since the Center for Disease Control (CDC) started to measure and publish the rates of obesity in the United States. Indeed, at that time the word ”overweight” was just then being replaced, in the public lexicon, with the word ”obesity” since the simple word ”overweight” was no longer sufficient to explain the body fat rates were beginning to occur on a regular basis. In fact, in 1987 about eighteen states didn’t even measure obesity rates within their borders or, ostensibly, consider it a health issue. In that same year, sixteen states had obesity rates that were at 10% or below (today there are NO states that are at this low level) and sixteen states had obesity levels that were measured at between 10 to 14 %. NONE were shown to be above this level. Compared to today (twenty years later), those rates of obesity are only a pipe dream.

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