Make 2017 Your Year

by on January 1st, 2017

Make 2017 Your Year

Make 2017 Your Year. This is the year to get yourself focused, committed, and trim down and sculpt the body you have always wanted & can be proud of.

Eating Plan: Sit down and think about what foods you enjoy and are also healthy. Plan meals ahead of time so that lack of time in the moment does not force you to eat things outside of your eating plan.

Fitness Schedule: Plan your weekly and monthly fitness routine, so you have something to stick to and hold yourself accountable. If you enjoy diversifying your workouts; include cardiovascular-focused days, and strength training days, yoga/spin/hiit/barre or whatever other group classes you enjoy.

Motivation: Staying motivated is a key to long term success. Most people are motivated at the start, but plan for times of mental weakness and place triggers for you to use for yourself to re-engage your drive to stay healthy. Scheduling working in groups, or with a trainer, helps some people to push-on and stick to the plan due to the competitive nature of group training.

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