Make 2017 Your Year

by on January 1st, 2017

Make 2017 Your Year

Make 2017 Your Year. This is the year to get yourself focused, committed, and trim down and sculpt the body you have always wanted & can be proud of.

Eating Plan: Sit down and think about what foods you enjoy and are also healthy. Plan meals ahead of time so that lack of time in the moment does not force you to eat things outside of your eating plan.

Fitness Schedule: Plan your weekly and monthly fitness routine, so you have something to stick to and hold yourself accountable. If you enjoy diversifying your workouts; include cardiovascular-focused days, and strength training days, yoga/spin/hiit/barre or whatever other group classes you enjoy.

Motivation: Staying motivated is a key to long term success. Most people are motivated at the start, but plan for times of mental weakness and place triggers for you to use for yourself to re-engage your drive to stay healthy. Scheduling working in groups, or with a trainer, helps some people to push-on and stick to the plan due to the competitive nature of group training.

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Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console – Review

by on November 16th, 2016

The Conclusion

The Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer includes power incline and multiple integrated convenience features. The Matrix XER console includes a clear display and an intuitive home screen that offers easy access to entertainment.

I love the features that the A30 provides to the exerciser. To some exercising could be tedious, but it hard to be bored while working out on the A30. The A30 has programs divided into sections including training, goals, target heart rate resistance, and Sprint 8. My favorite program that the A30 offers is the Sprint 8. It is a science-based cardio workout program has been proven to boost energy, reduce body fat, promote lean muscle mass and improve cholesterol in just eight weeks. Exercisers will be able to track their workouts through the ViaFit app. One can also keep track of their calories via my fitness pal.

The other features added in the A30 are entertainment based. The virtual active Virtual Active is a first-person, forward-motion video experience designed to enhance one’s cardio workout by experiencing journeys through stunning worldwide destinations from the inside of one’s home. One will also be able to watch their favorite movies and television shows via Hulu and Netflix.

While on the A30, I experienced a great workout. With most elliptical, since one’s feet need to stay on foot pedals, they can feel like they have less control over their movements, and it’s less natural for someone who’s used to running. This elliptical is designed with Perfect Stride motion eliminates surges and dead spots so you move more smoothly, burn more calories and get better results.

Overall, I believe the A30 is an excellent piece of fitness equipment. I enjoyed myself exercising on it. It is not like most cardiovascular machines on the market. The console is large, clear and easy to use. Exercisers are able to change workout while working out, while other machines causes one to stop their original workout in order to start a new one. The A30 is the way of the future. Smart technology is in everything from phone to televisions, so why not incorporate them into fitness equipment. These features cause one to be completely immersed into the machine, which results in a better workout experience. I would highly recommend this product to all exercisers.

Matrix Fitness A30 Ascent Trainer with XER Console

Matrix Fitness A30 Ascent Trainer Rated & Reviewed

Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer – Review

by on July 8th, 2016

The Conclusion

Precor is known for fitness innovation as the inventor of the elliptical trainer, and has since changed the fitness industry again with its world renowned Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride Technology. The Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer fits a wide distribution of exercisers with an infinite range of stride paths to create a uniquely effective low-impact workout, making every workout a personalized experience. The user defined stride of the Precor AMT 835 is comparable to a treadmill, stepper, and an elliptical all in one machine that offers workouts unlike any other. This piece of equipment allows users to create a variety of strides through switching from walking, running, and climbing spontaneously.

I love that the AMT 835 provides the opportunity for users to gain a high caloric burn, while giving them a lower level of perceived exertion. Exercisers will be able to work out longer, harder, and achieve better results. This will ultimately improve one’s fitness level as well as help with weight loss through calorie burn.

In my own personal experience; I have not suffered from any serious injuries, but when I would run on treadmills I would frequently experience a burning sensation in both of my shins. The shin pain would only occur on treadmills, but when I would play sports my shins would feel fine. After a while, I grew tired of having those pains in my shins, and just fully relied on getting my cardio exercise through sports.

While working out on the AMT, I felt great. I am usually not into using machines for cardio exercise, but I enjoyed the AMT. I did not have any restrictions while on this machine. I enjoyed the long strides, because it was like I was running but without the high impact on my joints. When I grew tired I would shorten my strides as opposed to stopping completely like I do when I am running on the treadmill or playing sports. In a few minutes on the AMT, I could feel my muscles working. I burned over 50 calories just in 4 minutes. That is equivalent to running or jogging 6 miles per hour for 5 minutes. Throughout my workout and afterward I was surprised that I didn’t experience any shin pains although the motion I use on the treadmill to run and the motion I was using on the Adaptive Motion Trainer seemed very similar, except on the AMT there was no impact of my foot repeatedly striking the surface as it would on a treadmill.

The Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer is an investment in your health and fitness, and I believe this type of investment is worthwhile if it keeps your body and mind healthy and strong. The Precor AMT value exceeds the price in my opinion because of the versatility of the machine, the performance over time, and the ability for the user to exercise and not gain the joint pain associated with many weight bearing cardiovascular machines.

Overall, I believe the AMT 835 is an excellent piece of fitness equipment and I would recommend it above any other cardiovascular workout. This piece of equipment can be used by fitness beginners to personal trainers to accomplish a great workout!

Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer, Precor AMT Review

Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride Rated & Reviewed

Fitness Circuit: Reverse Lunge to a Skip Hop by Anthony Divirgilio

by on November 20th, 2015

Reverse Lunge to a Skip Hop by Tony D

Fitness Coach Anthony Divirgilio, or Tony D, explains how to perform the Reverse Lunge and Skip Hop and get the heart rate up and revving and blood flowing. This exercise will help burn calories and build leg muscles.

3-5 Rounds to get the blood flowing and build muscle!

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Fitness Circuit by Tony D – Exercise Bike Interval + Diamond Pushups

by on November 13th, 2015

Fitness Circuit by Tony D - Exercise Bike Interval + Diamond Pushups

Tony D provides a quick fitness circuit for a daily pump, get the blood flowing and charge it up.
20-30 Second Bike Sprint, Full Pace
Diamond Push Ups, Down slow & Explode Up (5-10 Reps)

3-5 Rounds – time yourself each day and see if you can improve while keeping good technique.

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Workout Of The Day – What does your workout look like?

by on June 1st, 2015

Workout of the Day - Post Your Workout on Social Media & Tag Us for a free Leisure Fitness Training Shirt

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Lacrosse Strength Training – Balanced Exercise, Chest and Back Exercise

by on February 23rd, 2015

Lacrosse Strength Training - Balanced Exercise, Chest and Back Exercise

Strength training to perform sports better, in this case lacrosse, it is very important that we train the front and back muscles of the body so that the player can be balanced. Training muscles in the front of the body and in the back of the body reduces the chance of injury and improves performance of the given techniques involved in the sport.

In Lacrosse, it is very important to have strong arms and chest to shoot and pass with power and precision, and equally important to train the triceps and back of the body for balance to control the body and stabilize the player.

Chest Press Exercise shown on the Precor Discovery Series Selectorized Chest Press
Seated Row Exercise shown on the Precor Discovery Series Selectorized Seated Row.

Leg Press Technique – Get the Most out of your Leg Press

by on February 4th, 2015

Get the most out of your Leg Press Exercise

Dr. Paul Kennedy, Leisure Fitness Wellness Doctor, explains how to get the most muscular benefit when training your lower body using the leg press machine. Proper technique that will activate your most powerful muscle groups and improve your strength and balance.

Meet Dr. Paul Kennedy – Leisure Fitness – Health & Wellness Director

by on August 13th, 2014

Meet Doctor Paul Kennedy

Meet Dr. Paul Kennedy, Health & Wellness Director for Leisure Fitness

• Former Competitive Olympic Weightlifter
• Teacher & Coach
• Radio Personality
• Host of Fitness Television Series
• Fitness Seminar Series Presenter for Leisure Fitness
• Titan of Industry

Learn More: Official Biography of Dr. Paul

Topic of the Month April 2014 – How Much is Too Little?

by on April 10th, 2014

Topic of the Month - April 2014 - How Much is Too Little?

Dr. Paul Kennedy’s Topic of the Month for April 2014 is ‘How Much is Too Little?’ concerning the amount of vigorous exercise by obese individuals. Dr. Paul explains some shocking new data and explains his fears about the findings. Dr. Paul provides two quick ways you can help yourself stay healthy and avoid obesity.

Topic of the Month Article – How Much is Too Little!?

High Intensity Interval Training with Tony Divirgilio

by on March 6th, 2014

Hight Intensity Interval Training

Tony Divirgilio, Personal Trainer / Speed & Conditioning Coach, walks through a High Intensity Interval Trianing (HIIT) workout session. The five workouts of focus during this session include the decline push-up (targeting your shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles), the dumbbell squat (for lower-body and leg muscles), one-minute cardio blaster (to increase heart rate and burn calories), legs-to-chest core workout (targeting the abdominal and oblique muscles), and the step-up (targeting the leg muscles).

Afternoon Workout with Dr. Paul – Lunges

by on February 20th, 2014


Dr. Paul explains how to properly perform a lunge. Lunges are a great exercise to do when you are starting to feel a little groggy or sleepy during your work day which typically happens after lunch or in the mid-afternoon. The lunge will activate the muscles in your lower body and core and get the blood flowing and help you be more effective and efficient.

Afternoon Workout with Dr. Paul – Planks

by on February 5th, 2014


Dr. Paul explains how to properly perform a forward plank. The plank engages the upper body, core, and lower body muscles. The plank is a great exercise to tighten your abs, and strengthen your lower back.

Obese Children Better At Strength Training – Leisure Fitness Radio Podcast Clip

by on November 20th, 2013


A study shows that obese children are the super star at strength training, especially in a school setting. By getting stronger, obese children start walking more and running more.

Listen to the entire Leisure Fitness Radio podcast on Childhood Obesity.

Childhood Obesity – Leisure Fitness Radio Podcast Clip

by on October 20th, 2013


The health affects of childhood obesity – study shows that 70% of the obese youth have at least one risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Paul offers a few solutions to childhood obesity, which include a mixture of brisk activity once a day and eating the right food.

Listen to the entire Leisure Fitness Radio podcast on Childhood Obesity.

Dr. Paul Kennedy’s Fruit Smoothie Recipe

by on August 20th, 2013


Dr. Paul Kennedy discusses nutrition and nutrient density. He presents a Fruit Smoothie Recipe that is high in protein, high in fiber, low in calories, and has no cholesterol.

Nutition & “Quick Set System” Workout Walk-through – Be Fit, Stay Fit America with Dr. Paul Kennedy

by on July 20th, 2013


Dr. Paul Kennedy cooks a nutritious lunch. For lunch, he cooks a chicken dish that includes chicken breasts, assorted vegatables (cauliflower, broccoli, and green peppers), black beans, and brown rice.

Dr. Paul Kennedy walks Judy through a workout using the “Quick Set System” – training the check, back, shoulders, hips, and legs. Exercises include incline chest press using dumbbells, pull-overs for the upper back (using a selectorize machine), upright rows for the shoulders using dumbbells, leg abductions to work the outter hips via manual resistance, and leg curls using a selectorize machine.

“Quick Set System” Workout with Dr. Paul – Be Fit, Stay Fit America with Dr. Paul Kennedy

by on June 20th, 2013


Dr Paul puts himself through the “Quick Set System” workout. Exercises include the barbell loaded leverage chest press for the chest muscle, the seated row using a selectorized machine for upper back muscles, the shoulder press using dumbbells for the shoulder muscles, the leg press, the leg extension, as well as the leg curl for the leg muscles, and curl ups for your abdominal muscles.

Bicep, Tricep, & Forearm Training – Be Fit, Stay Fit America with Dr. Paul Kennedy

by on May 20th, 2013


Introduction to Strength Training of the Biceps – exercises include the straight bar bicep curl, the dumbbell concentration bicep curl, the straight bar preacher curl, the dumbbell preacher curl, the selectorized bicep curl, the bicep curl using rubber strapping and rubber tubbing.

Introduction to Strength Training of the Triceps – exercises include the tricep kickback (using dumbbells), the dumbbell tricep push press, the selectorized tricep push down, the selectorized tricep extension, the back lying tricep extension (using straight bar), and the tricep kickback using rubber strapping.

Introduction to Strength Training of the Forearm Muscles – exercises include the straight bar forearm curl, the dumbbell forearm curl, the straight bar wrist extensions, the dumbbell wrist extensions, forearm curl using rubber strapping, wrist extensions using rubber strapping.

Abs & Lower Back Training – Be Fit, Stay Fit America with Dr. Paul Kennedy

by on April 2nd, 2013


Introduction to strength training of the Abs & Lower Back using the “Quick Set System” – exercises include the curl up, the twisting curl up, the hip lift, the curl up with slant board, the curl up on exercise ball, for your abdominal muscles. Lower back exercises include hyper-extensions (using a hyper-extension machine, selectorize back extension machine, an exercise ball, and body weight).