Vision Fitness S7100HRT Suspension Elliptical – Review

Article by Tyler Bastianelli
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Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer

Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer



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            The Positives

            • Small footprint, space-saving design.
            • Comfortable ellipse stride motion.
            • Easy-to-use console.
            • Includes Sprint8, 20-minute workout program.
            • Includes arms, upper & lower body workout.

            The Negatives

            • The stride is shorter than my ideal stride.
            • Console does not include entertainment, although satisfactory for workout use.

            The Conclusion

            The first thing you notice when you see the Vision S7100 HRT Suspension Trainer is its compact design and minimal footprint. The product lives small, and due to the minimal active footprint of the machine it allows those users with limited workout space to easily fit this product into the home’s workout area.

            The space-saving design of the S7100 is appealing, but the performance of the machine is the number one priority for me and with the small footprint I was concerned about the ellipse stride and length of stride. During my demo of the machine (I am not in the video, that is a fellow fitness enthusiast) I evaluated the stride and length and although I determined it was comfortable enough, I would prefer a longer stride than the 20-21” variable stride offered by the S7100. I am 5’10” and a runner, so I prefer to stretch my stride. Shorter users, or those with shorter running strides may have no issue with the stride and even prefer it to a longer stride…but as this is my review, I just want to give my fair evaluation and my opinion as the product relates to me and my fitness needs.

            In the past, I would use the elliptical trainers without using the arms to try to mimic my running motion but recently I’ve found that the arms and my upper body allows me to really increase the resistance of the machine and get a different sort of muscular workout combined with the cardiovascular exercise on the elliptical. The resistance system of the Vision S7100 HRT was up to the challenge as I increased the resistance levels it continued to perform well and I was really challenged with smooth and consistent resistance in the ECB magnetic braking system.

            The S7100HRT Elliptical console is easy to understand and use without a lot of time spent looking at the console. Getting started on the S7100HRT very quick and easy, you can select a custom program or select from a preconfigured exercise program. The Sprint8 program is an exclusive workout program to the Vision and Matrix Fitness products and it’s a highly challenging 20-minute workout with periods of intense sprinting and recovery periods. I would highly recommend Sprint8 workouts for anyone looking to burn calories and improve your fitness level and get a serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine lift. The feedback readouts are always visible and easy to understand throughout your workout, making it easy to analyze your performance during and after your workout.

            The ability to add the Passport Player and attach to your TV is a great way to get fully immersed in your workout on the S7100HRT Elliptical. The Passport Player video syncs to the speed and intensity of your workout while displaying on the screen a first person view of you running through two preloaded courses; Northern Italy, and the American Southwest. The Vision Fitness Passport Player’s immersive experience of viewing as if you were running outdoors in a new environment helped me to focus on the scenery and
            exercise longer and more intensely.

            The Vision S7100HRT Suspension Trainer is a strong value option for its price. The minimal footprint of the machine and the performance it provides exceeds other elliptical trainer options in its price point and the Warranty (Frame – Lifetime, Parts & Brake – 5 Years, Labor – 2 Years) is unmatched by any in this price point.

            Vision Fitness S7100 Elliptical, Vision S7100HRT Suspension Elliptical Review

            Vision Fitness S7100HRT Elliptical Rated & Reviewed

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