Legend Cable Crossover Plus

Article by Wayne Harris
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This piece features a fully adjustable cable crossover along with a seated row station and a lat pulldown station. Throw in a chin up bar and five people can train at the same time. Two weight stacks of 150 pounds are supplied for the cable crossover with 2:1 pulley reduction. The seated row and lat pulldown each have 200-pound stacks. All weight stacks can be upgraded an additional 50 or 100 pounds.


  • Adjustable cable crossover with seated row and lat pulldown.
  • Floating chin up bar.
  • Five users can train at once.
  • Dimensions: 119 x 146 x 93
  • Shipping Weight: 1783 lbs
  • 2:1 Pulleys Reduce Effort By Half


  • Structural Welds and Frames: Lifetime
  • Bronze Bushings, Pillow Block Bearings and Pulley Wheels: 5 Years
  • Cables, Weight Plates, Guide Rods, Sealed Roller Bearings: 1 Year
  • Upholstery and Grips: 90 Days


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