Life Fitness Row GX Trainer – Review

Article by Wayne Harris
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Life Fitness Row GX Trainer

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer



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            The Positives

            • Easy to transport
            • Comfortable seat cushion and hand grips
            • Easy to read performance monitor.
            • Provides a full body workout with a low impact.

            The Negatives

            • Although the resistance has 16 settings, the difference from 1-16 is minimal.
            • Lacks Program Options.
            • Optional tracking package sold separately.

            The Conclusion

            Life Fitness has created a top of the line rowing machine with a very sleek, modern design which extends the GX family of cardiovascular products from its initial launch with the GX Indoor Cycle. Life Fitness has immediately improved the rowing category with the release of the GX Row Trainer because of its uncompromising performance, excellent design and style, and full-body cardiovascular training experience.

            One of my favorite characteristics of the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is the Fluid Resistance Technology to recreate the experience of rowing in water. It’s a very interesting experience to perform an exercise movement which originally was only done in the water, while in the comfort of your home or health club yet you can enjoy the sounds, resistance, and enjoy the true rowing
            experience of the water.

            I usually achieve my cardio exercise through sports, but I will be using the Row GX more with my workouts. It truly is a full-body workout. I love the simplicity of the machine, you can just get on and row, and achieve an excellent workout without any prior knowledge about how the machine works.

            I felt relaxed while on the Row GX, and I was easy able to view my performance from the monitor. After my workout, I did not feel any joint pain or soreness because of the low impact nature of the movement.

            The Row GX however lacks built in programs, requiring users to be fully creative versus giving them a sense of direction. The Row GX does not include a heart rate monitoring device. An optional tracking package is available but these options are not included with the price of the machine, and so there’s no way to monitor your heart rate unless you have your own device or purchase this tracking package. I prefer a heart rate device when using cardio exercise equipment, but you can easily use another device like an Apple Watch or Polar Heart Rate Strap and track your heart rate on your own.

            Overall, I believe the Row GX provides a safe, effective, full-body cardiovascular workout and I would highly recommend this product to friends and family.

            Life Fitness GX Rowing Machine Review

            Life Fitness GX Rowing Machine Rated & Reviewed