Inflight Fitness Liberator – Review

Article by Wayne Harris
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Inflight Fitness Liberator with Full Shroud Set

Inflight Fitness Liberator with Full Shroud Set



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            The Positives

            • Ease of use, and contains easy to understand visual demonstration guides.
            • Stability.
            • Total body workout potential, variety of modalities.
            • Safe alone training, grab and go.
            • Easily adjustable to fit the user.

            The Negatives

            • Additional cost to add the 4th station: Leg Press or Cable Column.
            • Upgrade-able heavy stacks, additional cost.
            • No offering of body-weight, calisthenic, exercises.

            The Conclusion

            The Inflight Fitness Liberator with Full Shroud Set has a chromium (platinum) design which provides durability for the machine and stability for its users.

            It includes three different workout stations with an optional fourth station. The first station targets the back and shoulders. The first station workouts involve lat pull down and shoulder press. The next station concentrates on the legs, arms, and back. The incorporated workouts are seated leg extension, lying leg curl, bicep curl, and low row. The final included station focuses on the chest, arms, and abdomen. The integrated workouts are the chest press, ab crunch, and overhead triceps. If you would like to take advantage of option to add a fourth station, you can select a Leg Press or Cable Column for $1,895 (included in the pricing shown, of $9,390).

            The Liberator has the least amount of adjustments needed to perform all of the exercises. The user has to adjust the height of the seat, place pin on desired weight, and begin their workout. The hand grips are positioned to keep joints in a neutral position, reducing joint stress and maximizing a safe workout experience.

            For a full variety of workout potential – adding chin, dip, pull-up bars would complete the offering. Calisthenics is training using one’s own body weight. This allows the user to switch up their routine creating a more versatile workout. On the flip side, the positive about this gym being a ‘grab and go’ style gym, and does not offer body-weight exercises, it is safer and less likely for a user to injure themselves due to poor form.

            Overall, I believe the Liberator is an amazing piece. I felt great during and after my workout. My hands were not sore from the grips as they are on other machine. The Liberator provides a complete total body workout. This machine is for athletes whom are seeking to tone and strengthen their entire body.

            Inflight Fitness Liberator Review

            Inflight Fitness Liberator Rated & Reviewed