Octane Fitness xR6x Seated Elliptical – Review

Article by Elizabeth Cadle
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Octane xR6x Seated Elliptical

Octane xR6x Seated Elliptical



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            The Positives

            • Large 45 degree angle padded seat including 20 seat height positions and 5 seat tilt settings ensures adequate comfort for all users
            • Preset resistance programs, as well as 30 resistance levels allows the user to customize their workout for their specific needs.
            • Seat handle bars & foot pegs allows users to target specific areas of the body.
            • Its unqiue design and construction delivers a quiet, low-impact, full-body workoutin the comfort on one's home.
            • The xR6x unique step through design makes it a great product for indivudals of all ages and abilities

            The Negatives

            • Non-weight bearing, therefore lacks some appeal to me.

            The Conclusion

            Octane Fitness xR6x Seated Elliptical My initial impression of the XR6x was to be slightly intimidated because I had never used a seated elliptical before, but each stage of my first workout was quite stress-free and intuitive: from fitting the unit to fit my size, working with the console to select my work, beginning the stride with upper and lower body, and switching between using both upper and lower body to isolating lower body to isolating upper body it all worked exactly how I would expect.

            The XR6x XRide is a one of a kind machine that was designed to deliver a comfortable and quiet full body workout all while sitting down and in the comfort of your own home! The design of the xR6x over-sized seat and foot pedals, as well as step-through design ensures users of all sizes and abilities to experience complete comfort during the duration of their workout. Additionally, the multi-grip handle bars, stand alone foot pegs, as well as the use of power-stroke technology all work together to make this product one of the most comfortable and effective products on the market today!

            Although slightly intimidating at first, the first time I stepped on I got on the xR6x I was in awe with how comfortable the seat was and how easy it was for me to adjust for my 5’3 and petite body type. It’s smooth and quiet design makes this product awesome for any home gym.

            One of my many favorite features of the xR6x is the comfortable seat. The xR6x seat was structured to sit at a 45 degree angle to assist opening the hip flexors and lengthening the torso, which in turn alleviates any stress that may be placed on the lower-back. After years of running and extraneous exercising that have placed high pressure on my hips, knees and lower back this feature was like finding gold. After just one workout I was hooked and now I no longer walk away from an exercise feeling tight or experience any back pain the next day, it’s amazing!

            Another feature that I love is the addition of handle bars on the seat, as well as the stand alone foot pegs. While most cardio machines solely focus on one particular area of the body, the xR6x allows me to chose between a full body workout, a lower body workout or an upper body workout. This is a great feature because I love to challenge my fitness ability by mixing up my workouts and the xR6x allows me to do just that. On days that I want to focus on strengthening my glutes and toning my thighs I have the option of using the seated handle bars, which allows me to take my hands off the handle bars, causing me to work only the lower body. However, on days that I want to build upper body strength the xR6x included stand alone foot pegs that take the my feet off of the pedals allowing me to target only the upper body by producing a chest press movement. These are both great features because they allow me to complete a variety of exercises all on one piece of equipment. In addition with the customizable interval programs and 30 different resistance levels these features ensure that almost every workout on the xR6x Seated Elliptical will be unique but effective, which in turn will keep my body guessing and allowing me to continue to strive toward my fitness goals.

            The unique step-through design, 45 degree angle seat, multi-grip handle bars, stand alone begs, and many more features makes The Octane Fitness xR6x Seated Elliptical one of the best (and one of my favorite) and most effective products on the market today.

            Whether you are 18 or 80/5’1 or 6’3 this product was designed specially to meet the needs of users of all ages, body types, and fitness levels and will be sure to give each user an exceptional and effective workout every time!

            Octane Fitness XR6x XRide Seated Elliptical

            Octane Fitness XR6X XRide Seated Elliptical Review