Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine – Review

Article by Elizabeth Cadle
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Spirit Fitness CR8W800 Rowing Machine

Spirit Fitness CR8W800 Rowing Machine



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            The Positives

            • Includes an easy to use LED console that provides several built in programs to keep your workout fun and interesting!
            • Padded seating makes for a comfortable ride throughout the duration of a workout.
            • Provides 16 resistance levels that user's can easily adjust on the handle bar without moving their hands.
            • Quiet, low-impact, full-body workout.

            The Negatives

            • Although comfortable, the foot rest's adjustable straps may become lose during one's workout causing them to consistently stop and readjust.
            • Handle bar becomes slippery once hands start to sweat.

            The Conclusion

            Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine is constructed and designed to provide an ultra-smooth, quiet, comfortable ride, as well as an incredible full-body, low impact workout for all users. It’s air-resistant fly wheel, comfortable seating, 16 levels of resistance, and easy-to-use console all work together and took my rowing workouts to another level.

            One of my favorite features of the CRW800 is the contoured and padded seat. Most rowing products that I have used in the past have included a hard, non-padded seat that made my bum numb after about 10 minutes. This would greatly impact my workouts causing me resort to alternative cardio equipment, such as a treadmill or elliptical. That all changed with the CRW800, I can now row for a longer period of time without the worry of my workout being cut short because I am uncomfortable. This, in turn, puts me back in control of my workout and how long and hard that I work. Along with the comfortable seating, the CRW800 includes air and magnetic resistance with 16 levels of resistance that can be changed either by console or on the handle bar. Including resistance levels to the handle bar allows users to change their resistance without causing a halt in their workout, which is another valuable feature to me.

            If there was something I would change about this product it is the choice of using adjustable foot straps on the foot rest. Even though the foot rest is flexible and includes different sizes for it’s varying users, the adjustable foot straps can easily become loose after a few minutes of rowing causing users to consistently stop and tighten the straps. This can become very tedious after a while so hopefully the manufacturer will take a look at this particular feature soon and make adjustments so that this does not happen as often. Additionally, after about 10-15 minutes of rowing, as I begin to sweat, the handle bar starts to become slippery making it difficult to hold on to the handle bar. I have started to use gloves to help, however, this also becomes frustrating because I would prefer to not have to use gloves.

            Overall, the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine is a great product that delivers an incredible workout in the comfort of one’s home. It’s quiet air-resistant fly wheel and easy to use LCD console that includes 10+ programs ensures an awesome full body workout every time. By including several different programs to chose from users are more likely to stay motivated to workout without becoming bored, as well as encourages users to challenge themselves. If you are looking to transform your life and build long lean muscle while also strengthening the cardiovascular system, The Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine is for you!

            Spirit Fitness CRW Rowing Machine

            Spirit CRW800 Rowing Machine Review