Batca Omega 4 Multi-Station Gym

Article by Tyler Bastianelli
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Batca Omega 4 Multi-Station


The Batca Omega 4 Multi-Station offers 4 weight stacks and accommodates 4 users. The Batca Omega Multi-Stations are easy to use and follow the most natural exercise path while safely cradling the user with full body support. Blending the finest materials and the most cutting edge craftsmanship leads to an incredibly striking and solid machine with the smoothest of movements.


  • Single Station Design
  • Advanced Adjust-ability
  • Super Smooth Cable System
  • Exercise Stations: Chest Press, Pec Fly, Lat Pull-down/Swiveling High Pulley, Ab Crunch/Mid Pulley, Leg Extension, Seated Leg Curl, Chest Supported Mid Row, and Low Pulley/Standing Bicep Curl
  • Dimensions – 8’1″ L x 9’4″ W x 7’1″ H
  • Dimensions with optional Leg Press (additional $2,000) – 9’0″ L x 9’4″ W x 7’1″ H

Commercial Warranty

  • Frame: 10 Years
  • Moving Parts: 2 Years
  • Belts, Cables, & Other Parts: 1 Years
  • Upholstery & Paint: 6 Months

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