Leisure Fitness and Johns Hopkins Medicine – Partners in Wellness

Article by Tyler Bastianelli
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Leisure Fitness and Johns Hopkins Medicine - Partners in Wellness

Leisure Fitness provides quarterly health & wellness seminars for our wellness partner, Johns Hopkins Medicine! Providing health and wellness information is a critical initiative for Leisure Fitness. We are very happy to work with companies like Johns Hopkins that are helping and healing so many people.

Leisure Fitness Wellness Outreach Health Seminars

About Us – Leisure Fitness Wellness Outreach Program:
Leisure Fitness works with local organizations to support wellness events like health fairs and other health initiatives.
If you are interested in doing something to promote health & wellness for your organization – Leisure Fitness offers free Health & Fitness Seminar Series at your organization please Contact Us. No tricks or sales pitch, the seminars are accredited by the American Council on Exercise and are approved for Continuing Education Credits for Personal Trainers. The seminars are fun, informational, and motivational – we have a vested interest in creating a more health conscious country! Let us help get you started on your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Leisure Fitness – Wellness Team

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