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Article by Tyler Bastianelli
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Doctor Paul Kennedy Bio Leisure Fitness
Dr. Paul Kennedy is the Fitness and Wellness Community Outreach Director for Leisure Fitness based in Newark, Delaware and presents free Fitness and Wellness seminars on behalf of the company throughout the middle-Atlantic region.

Teaching/Coaching Experience:
A former physical education teacher, football coach and wrestling coach, Dr. Paul Kennedy served as Strength and Conditioning Coach at Penn State University, where he received his doctorate in the exercise sciences. He later served as Rutgers University Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Dr. Paul has trained numerous All American athletes in a variety of sports, many players went on to play professionally, and some represented there country at the international level.

Competitive Weight Lifting Experience:
Dr. Paul was a successful competitive olympic weightlifter.

Television Experience:
For over two years, Dr. Paul starred in “Be Fit, Stay Fit America”, a weekly television program aired in Phoenix, Arizona. He also appeared in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Detroit as an in-house expert on various fitness topics and trends.

To view current fitness videos as well as taped interviews of Dr. Paul Kennedy concerning a variety of fitness and wellness topics go to: Leisure Fitness YouTube Channel.

Video Examples:
Topic of the Month, April 2014 – How Much is Too Little?
Morning Workout With Dr. Paul – Push Ups & Squats
The Quick Set System by Dr. Paul Kennedy

Radio Experience:
With his extensive educational background as well as his years of practical experience as a backdrop, Dr. Paul hosted “Get Fit Arizona” a series of one-hour radio call-in programs covering numerous health and fitness topics from strength training and flexibility to cardiovascular training and nutrition.

From 2012-2014, Dr. Paul was the host of the reinvented “Be Fit, Stay Fit Radio” sponsored by Leisure Fitness, which aired on Saturday mornings on 105.7 “The Fan” in Baltimore, Maryland.

Since January of 2014, Dr. Paul Kennedy has began a series of monthly Podcasts to expand on his “Topic of the Month” article, which often includes a local fitness partner to provide a different perspective on the topic.

Titan of Industry:
Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., Research Director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, has this to say about Dr. Kennedy: “He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of exercise science and a true expert in the area of strength training. Dr. Kennedy is a most articulate individual and has the rare ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand, educational and motivational manner.”

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